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WizeFloor Premium 2.1 is available!

We are happy to announce an update to the Premium software.

WizeTable Support

We have made the software compatible with touch tables and screen so it works with multiple screen sizes and multi touch.

Dungeon Jump

Preview in Web Browsers

The Premium games can now be previewed in most modern web browsers that support WebGL like Chrome, Safari, Edge and Mozilla.

Jewel Packer

The games are in beta for now while we make the first experiences with this technology for WizeFloor. If you experience any problems please write to us on the email


If you have the Premium license on your floor, look for an "Update Available" button on your floor menu. Press the button and follow the instructions.

This requires that you have installed the latest WizeFloor Windows software.


Updated User Guide (version 1.5)

We have just released a new version of our user guide, which includes the latest apps and features from the new software versions.

You can find the manual in our help section (login required).

Have a great summer!



New WizeFloor version 4.0

We are pleased to announce a new update to the WizeFloor software. We have updated both the Windows and the Web software.

In this update we have added two new apps called Trails and ChessSymmetry, and we have launced our new wall display WizeWall. It is furthermore possible to run the software on interactive tables. As usual, there are also many bug fixes and improvements of the underlying WizeFloor system.


Trails is a new app based on the same template as Flowers, except that it is possible to add your own items and you have a wide range of options to customize the game. We have added of couple of examples including hearts:




And coloured flowers:



Another new application in this version is ChessSymmetry, which is the latest addition to our chess suite on WizeFloor. The purpose of this application is to train symmetrical understanding with the chessboard. Each game consists of six tasks that come in three difficulty levels. In the first three, you must draw the symmetry line with your feet, while in the last three, the task is to place physical objects symmetrically around a line.



A new feature allows you to use a screen on the wall together with your floor. The screen is adjusted according to what happens on the floor. For example flowers grow up along the wall in the Flower app, and in the football app spectators are cheering on the wall. If there is a scratch layer on the floor, it will also appear on the wall.


Other applications display information about the game such as title, description and score. It is also possible to pause the game, recommend and return to the main menu on the floor by touching the screen.

WizeWall is an extra module that you can buy and install on existing or new hardware, so please contact us if you are interested


The new version includes a number of improvements with regard to use on touch screens and touch tables. The software has the same game and editing options as the floor software.

Quiz on WizeTable

Trails on WizeTable


The update contains a number of other improvements:

  • Option to set up a pause sequence to be displayed after a period of inactivity (premium customers only)
  • Optimization of the typing speed of the keyboard and other buttons in the menu system
  • Option to change the background in folders and memory games
  • The speed can be adjusted in the Balloon game
  • New communities: Eldercare, libraries and adult education
  • Preview of new tracking software that supports the camera to be mounted on a wall or in a box.

  • The connection issues with remote control from mobile devices have been resolved.


To update the Windows software, keep an eye on the "Update Available" button in your floor menu. Click this button and follow the instructions. The web app is automatically updated when you log in to the app.


WizeFloor Premium 2.0 is available!

We are happy to present the new version of our Premium package.

This version includes a new app, Dungeon Jump, as well as numerous improvements and bug fixes in the other applications.

Spell colours



WizeFloor launch with dinosaurs theme in Storcenter Nord

Last week WizeFloor was launched in front of the toy store, Fætter BR, in the mall Storcenter Nord in Aarhus.

The installation has already given rise to a high level of activity, and for the winter holidays it has been equipped with a dinosaurs theme developed by Storcenter Nord. They have for example developed a dinosaurs memory game with images and sounds, a spelling balloon game with dinosaur names, dinosaurs scratch card games and more.

Storcenter Nord

Klaus Tønnes, Marketing Director at Storcenter Nord says:


In our efforts to attract more customers to Storcenter Nord, we have included four major events in the strategy for 2017. The aim is to create experiences and in particular user involvement for the whole family.

In connection with a visit to our neighbours, The Alexandra Institute, we became acquainted with their WizeFloor solution. We were immediately convinced that a WizeFloor installation in our centre would create lots of activity, and with the opportunities to customize the appearance to our current campaigns, the installation would not be a stand-alone activity but instead an addition to our primary events.

And we are convinced that WizeFloor will create lots of activity in between our different events, too.

It has been a great success so far, but even WizeFloor must give way for a walking dinosaur.