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WizeFloor Used by School Children to Develop Apps for Daycare Children

In a daycare center in Odense in Denmark, the benefits of their WizeFloor are twofold. Here, fifth grade students from a nearby school in Paarup have learned to develop digital app games for children in daycare, so the younger children can learn about right and left, colours and animals through play and movement.

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To develop an app is mainly reserved for people with a background in information technology - or at least just for adults. But this is not the case at the school, where pupils from the fifth grade have successfully developed an app for the daycare children’s WizeFloor.

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New Update With Improved Versions of Puzzle, Categories and Piano

We are pleased to announce a new update to the WizeFloor software. This version focuses on improving the Puzzle, Categories and Piano applications with new features.



The Puzzle game is one of our most popular games and we have added several new features in this version. Feedback on selection of puzzle pieces has been improved and a new setting to slow down the selection of the pieces has been implemented (e.g. for children with special needs and elderly). Multiple puzzle images can be included in the same tile and be selected randomly when playing. Background music from a file or YouTube is now also supported. Finally it is possible to compete against other groups on the scoreboard.



The Categories app is our collaborative categorisation app that can be used for many different purposes such as language training, math and geography to name a few. This version has an entirely new appearance and interface. New features such as putting pictures on the category fields and playing background music from a file or YouTube have also been implemented. This makes it possible to use the app with younger children who are not strong readers yet. We are looking forward to see how you will use it when creating new tiles.



The Piano has been updated with a new form of interaction and feedback when hitting the keys. The keys do not repeat as fast as previously which results in a smoother experience when playing on the piano "Big" style. A history of previous notes are now displayed in the music sheet on top of the piano so you can learn some musical theory while having fun playing.


As usual we have made many other changes in the software.

  • The interaction in the Scratch app has been improved.
  • We have fixed a problem with touch screens in the Rubber Ducks app.
  • Improved camera software with support for new cameras.
  • Updates are now downloaded automatically in the background.
  • Various improvements of offline mode.
  • All apps are included in one installer.
  • "Enter code to unlock" is available again for ceiling installations.


To update the software, press the "Update Available" button in your floor menu and follow the instructions. You can also find a download in our help section.


New Community Games Published


We have just released a series of new games to the community that we hope you will appreciate.

Click the links below to try the games. Please note a login and access to our community is required to view the games.

Early Years

Short stories (for the youngest)
4 short book read aloud

Keep the ants away from the food.

Memory with farm animals
10 pieces Memory with pictures of farm animals

Learn about the Alphabet
Introduce the kids to the alphabet with these videos and pictures.

ABC Memory
Match pictures with initials

Little Red Riding Hood
Color and solve the fairy tale about the little red cap

Puzzle - Fairy tales
Picture with different objects from fairy tales

Flowers - Sense
The child can bring flowers to the floor via movement - catching small ladybugs and spiders. The music and colors stimulate the child's senses.

Memory - If You Give a Moose a Muffin
Memory with items and characters frem the story - If You Give a Moose a Muffin


If You Give a Moose a Muffin
Learn about the story If You Give a Moose a Muffin

Storytime - Stories about animals
Stories from youyube - StoryTimeWithMsBecky

Solar system
Learn about the solar system through video, music and pictures

Learn the different colors
Three videos where you can learn different colors

Just Dance Videos
Learn the steps, dance and have fun.

Guided Relaxation for children
Three youtube videoes with Guided Relaxation - Cosmic Kids Yoga

Percent and fraction
Match the percent and the fraction.

Musical Instruments
Learn about Percussion, String and Wind instruments with these three videoes.

Kids Yoga
Six different videos about kids yoga, they are in different lengths to suit different target groups.

Crash Course Biology
Eight different teaching video on biology

Der Körper
Learn what different body parts are called in German

First words: Animals
Choose the right way to spell the name of the animal, but look carefully.

Body Parts, Fruits and Animals
You are presented with some different words that must be placed in the right boxes.

Memory - Fractions
Memory to visualize fractions

Spelling for beginners
See the learning videos and then try again to spell the words together

Fractions to decimal
Quiz with fractions to decimal

Pong - Fireball
Play Pong in space!


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