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WizeFloor featured in US podcast

Listen to this EdTech podcast from MarketScale where WizeFloor Product Manager Kaspar Rosengreen Nielsen talks about WizeFloor and the potentials for AR and VR in the classroom.



Premium 2.2 Available With WizeFloor GO Support

We have just released an update to the Premium software.

The main focus in the update has been to adapt the apps to our new product WizeFloor GO. That includes rethinking how to interact with the apps from three sides instead of four. The update also makes it possible to start the automatic touch calibration procedure.

The interaction in Jewel Packer has been changed so the chest are placed in a single row so it is easier to feel the sense of rhythm in the game. It is also easier to see when to press the chests as the wagons will now pause briefly and be highlighted.

Jewel Packer

There are also some general improvements in the software such as support for offline mode and improved display of text and images.


To update the Premium software, watch the "Update Available" button in your floor menu. Press this button and follow the instructions.


iOS App Version 2.5 Available

We have just released an update to the iOS app. The app is now optimised for iPhone X and contains the usual improvements and bug fixes. Download it from the App Store.

iPhone X


WizeFloor GO Available

We are happy to officially announce the WizeFloor GO!

WizeFloor GO is our new mobile solution, which can be easily moved between different locations. With integrated projector, PC, camera and speaker it just needs to be plugged in to power to work.

WizeFloor GO

Click "Read more" for more information.



The Danish Female National Football Team Played WizeFloor-football Against Children at Hospital

The Danish female national football team played WizeFloor-football against the children at the regional hospital in Viborg.

Read the article here (in Danish):