WizeFloor for Web 2.1, Windows 3.4 and iOS 1.4

We have worked very hard over the last six months the time to update the WizeFloor software, and today we can finally release the updates for Web, Windows and iOS.

In this post we highlight some of the key changes.

Web app version 2.1

The first update is our web app that is used to create and edit tiles. There are well over 100 different fixes and enhancements designed to give an improved and more complete user experience.



For sometime, one of the most requested options among our many users has been to be have the ability to create and edit Stepstone tiles in the web app. It is now finally possible with this update.

In general, the editors have been improved with a focus on creating a better overview of big tiles. Questions are now displayed in a manageable list, where you can fold out the questions you want to edit.

Tiles can be added directly to a pile from the editor. Now it is no longer necessary to edit your floor menu to add new tiles.

If you make changes and navigate away, a warning message will appear asking if you are sure. If your login has expired you will be asked to log in before you can save.

In many applications, there is now support for omitting results.

Tile Summary

Tile summary

Tile overview has been greatly improved in this version. There is more information about the tile such as subjects, levels and date of last update. In addition, it is possible to listen to sounds, magnify images and watch YouTube videos without leaving the page.

Under "Feedback" the appearance of the likes and comments has been improved and it is now possible to edit your own comments and block any offensive or otherwise unwanted comments on your own tiles.

Under "Results" the most recent results for your own group are now sorted by time. For applications that support it, such as Quiz, Quiz (Multiple), Stepstone and Poll, it is now possible to see the answer to each question. It is also possible to see an average of all responses. The piles show results from the underlying tiles, which are summarized and displayed.


Searching has also been improved. Tiles are split in school and day care, and the results are displayed depending on the group type. Day care does not see German and English tiles anymore. It is still possible to search across types using the improved search function though.

When searching tiles they are automatically sorted by popularity, however it is also possible to sort alphabetically and by most recent.

Navigation bar


The navigation bar has been redesigned and looks like other social networks now. The house leads to the group's front page. The flag shows new notifications from other users for example if a user likes, comments or copies your tile.

By clicking on the user icon, it is possible to edit your profile and log out.

Windows version 3.4

The Windows software is the program that runs on the floor. The focus of this release has been to address some of the errors and problems we have experienced, and it has resulted in more than 100 changes and improvements.

There are also a variety of requested possibilities in each application.

Floor Keyboard


One of the new possibilities in the floor keyboard is optional hints. A question could be "Spell apple in English." The two hints will then be that the word starts with "A" and has five letters as shown in the above screenshot.

In addition, the layout of the numeric keypad has been improved.

Paper Lines


It is now possible to get hints in the Paper Lines. It is based on the first selected piece, and then the pieces that fit together with this are shown.

In addition, there is now a "Start" button on the front with the exercise description, so the children can continue when they are ready for the task.


It is now possible to run random scratch layers over changing background pictures as requested from daycare centers. You create cards as usual and then select them to be used as background under the scratch layer settings. When the image is completely scraped free, any sound is also being played before a new scrape layer and background image is displayed.



A requested option in Geometrix has been to be able to specify the number of right angles in tasks. In addition, there is now also support for recording sound in questions.


There are also a great number of other improvements and bug fixes in the software.

  • General: The use of PIN at startup intended for places such as passages in which the usual unlocking sequence is often started in error.
  • General: Name on the leader board is now remembered between tiles. Resets when the floor is locked.
  • General: The floor menu is now loaded from the server based on username.
  • General: Most tiles now only detects touching the floor and not moving above the floor.
  • General: Several new "Please leave the floor" messages are shown to avoid errors with keyboard input and scoreboard after a tile is completed.
  • General: Problem with "Restart" button in various applications has been resolved.
  • General: Mouse is now hidden by default in full screen.
  • General: Corrected errors with showing the lock screen by default at night.
  • General: Improved search in the PC menu (activated with ESC).
  • Poll: Responses stored on the server.
  • Poll: Adjusted the speed of "Previous" and "Next" buttons when displaying results.
  • Balloons: Better distribution of content on the balloons. These included: too many correct balloons in Table-training.
  • Balloons: "View high score" and "Restart" buttons have been removed and replaced with the standard scoreboard.
  • Football: New teams from more leagues.
  • Puzzle: Problem where pieces could get stuck is resolved.
  • Quiz + Quiz (Multiple): Responses are stored on the server.
  • Quiz + Quiz (Multiple): Better loading of pictures on slow connections.
  • Quiz + Quiz (Multiple): Problem solved where some answers could not be activated.
  • Quiz + Quiz (Multiple): Option to turn off the light cone when setting up the questions.
  • Stepstone: Response stored on the server.
  • Stepstone: Arrows at startup has been moved out to the edges to avoid erroneous activation of the crosses.
  • Theme Cards: Ability to put a map in the background.
  • Theme Cards: Cards can be displayed in random order.
  • Theme Cards: Cards can now be arranged on the entire surface.
  • Memory + Memory (team): Adjusted the mats in the corners to avoid erroneous activation of the crosses.
  • Memory + Memory (team): Scores for group tiles are now turned off, as it was perceived as confusing.

To update the software keep an eye on the "Update Available" button in your floor menu. Click this button, and follow the instructions from there.

iOS version 1.4

Last but not least, our iOS app has also been updated. In general, it is now possible to access to the same features as the web app when creating and editing of Stepstone tiles and more.

However, there are some new options:

  • It is possible to edit your profile in the app.
  • Group administrators can edit groups and create and approve new users.
  • It has been made easier to search for tiles.
  • The new forum can also be accessed directly in the app.

The updated app is available for download in the App Store right here.