Sky-high learning

Hong KongIn the photo, you can see children interacting with our learning tool WizeFloor on the 100th floor of the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong. This made us happy, of course, but also a bit curious: Does a Danish educational tool work on the other side of the planet because kids are the same everywhere? Or is it the other way around: Do children in Hong Kong like our tool because it's new to them?

So, we asked Leslie Wong, our partner at Dolphin BB Education Limited, who is an educator himself. ”Traditionally, the most common approaches to education in Hong Kong are constructivist and cognitive, in my opinion,” he explains. ”These types of approaches cater to the education system in Hong Kong.”

”I think the most impressive element about WizeFloor is its experimental approach: It provides different games for students and enables them to have scientific experiences and build up knowledge. And students also enhance their social and cognitive skills while playing. Children really enjoy the animations and interactions with others. It’s such a valuable experience compared to playing e-devices on your own at home.”

”As an educator, what I appreciate most about WizeFloor is the hidden idea behind it: using e-devices to enhance children’s learning in different areas instead of using them as an electronic pacifier. I also find that that’s the best way to show WizeFloor to parents and students, too: to let them try it out.”