The new apps Fishing Game and Geometrix are now available

Our latest WizeFloor update is ready! This time it includes two new apps, Fishing Game and Geometrix, as well as a number of software improvements including image search.

Fish Games


Fish games are classic on interactive floors, and we have now launched a version for WizeFloor, which is available in two variations. The first variation is about catching fish and getting the highest team score. The app is suitable to be used with a tool like a long stick for special needs education. The other variation has focus on the sensory experience where you can walk among the fish that will swim away when you come too close.

As usual, it is possible to put your personal mark on the games by changing the background image and music as well as you can change settings such as time and speed.

The games have been developed in collaboration with our Japanese partner Relax'Creation and NHK.


Geometrix is a well-known game, which is now back with a new design based on modern technology. The purpose of the app is to solve geometry tasks by placing objects on the floor and making shapes that meet different criteria such as number of pages, area, isosceles etc. Our app allows you to design your own games with new tasks.


Image Search

A functionality which has often been sought after is image search when creating games. We are happy to fulfill the demand in this version, where we have made it easier than ever to create your own games for WizeFloor. Simply press the "Search" button next to an image field, enter a search phrase and select the desired image. We only search for royalty-free images in high quality.



  • It has become easier to create your own obstacles in Obstacle Race. You can for example choose whether the obstacle gives plus, minus or no points, which opens up the use of the app for a variety of new learning games.
  • WizeFloor GO can now calibrate automatically when moving the device up or down. In addition, the recognition of hands and feet has been improved.
  • The chess game has been removed from the software, as Flash is no longer supported by Adobe.
  • The iOS app has been removed from the App Store, as all the features of the editing program can now be accessed directly from with any browser.

How do I update the software?

To update the software, press the "Update Available" button in your floor menu and follow the instructions. You can also find a link to the software in our help section.