New Sensory Path app available

We are excited to release an update to the WizeFloor software today containing our new Sensory Path app and many other improvements.

Sensory Path

Sensory Path

Sensory Path seeks to help children relax and concentrate in the classroom and thereby to promote learning and physical literacy. The children must follow the path on the floor from start to finish. Along the path the children must overcome various obstacles such as jumping over caterpillars or holes in the ground, rotate around themselves, walk sideways and many other obstacles. Players advance on the path by following the slowly moving turtle and are rewarded with a cute little animation at the finish line. Obstacles encountered along the path as well as other various settings can be customized in the editor. Take a look at the app here (requires login).

Sensory Path is available for free to all existing customers with an active cloud subscription and is developed in collaboration with our Japanese partner Relax'Creation.

Other changes

We have also improved the features in some of our other apps:

  • Floor Keyboard is now available for WizeFloor GO and contains improvements for all platforms
  • Pong features new start buttons and goal animations
  • Categories allows faster selection of answers and has got a visual makeover
  • New audio recorder in the editor which works directly in Safari on newer iPads
  • New activity charts that make it easier to see the most popular games by month
  • New location of the menu button on WizeFloor GO at the top centre of the screen
  • We have solved a problem in Rubber Ducks where ducks could get stuck
  • Support for up to 20 stones in Stepstone on WizeFloor GO and a "pop" sound when selecting stones
  • Improved feedback when selecting buttons in Bomb the Pirate, Jewel Packer and Dungeon Jump
  • Improvements to running the apps on iPad

How do I update my software?

To update the software, press the "Update Available" button in your floor menu and follow the instructions. You can also download an installer in our help section.