New Update With Improved Versions of Puzzle, Categories and Piano

We are pleased to announce a new update to the WizeFloor software. This version focuses on improving the Puzzle, Categories and Piano applications with new features.



The Puzzle game is one of our most popular games and we have added several new features in this version. Feedback on selection of puzzle pieces has been improved and a new setting to slow down the selection of the pieces has been implemented (e.g. for children with special needs and elderly). Multiple puzzle images can be included in the same tile and be selected randomly when playing. Background music from a file or YouTube is now also supported. Finally it is possible to compete against other groups on the scoreboard.



The Categories app is our collaborative categorisation app that can be used for many different purposes such as language training, math and geography to name a few. This version has an entirely new appearance and interface. New features such as putting pictures on the category fields and playing background music from a file or YouTube have also been implemented. This makes it possible to use the app with younger children who are not strong readers yet. We are looking forward to see how you will use it when creating new tiles.



The Piano has been updated with a new form of interaction and feedback when hitting the keys. The keys do not repeat as fast as previously which results in a smoother experience when playing on the piano "Big" style. A history of previous notes are now displayed in the music sheet on top of the piano so you can learn some musical theory while having fun playing.


As usual we have made many other changes in the software.

  • The interaction in the Scratch app has been improved.
  • We have fixed a problem with touch screens in the Rubber Ducks app.
  • Improved camera software with support for new cameras.
  • Updates are now downloaded automatically in the background.
  • Various improvements of offline mode.
  • All apps are included in one installer.
  • "Enter code to unlock" is available again for ceiling installations.


To update the software, press the "Update Available" button in your floor menu and follow the instructions. You can also find a download in our help section.