Collaborative learning

“WizeFloor provides a fantastic opportunity for collaborative learning with many of the activities requiring teamwork.”
Teacher, Ipswich, UK

Important tool within our daycare

“WizeFloor is an important tool within our daycare centre and the perfect way to bring together children across all ages and gender.”
Daycare professional, Denmark

Endless potential

"We found the WizeFloor wasn’t just an interactive floor, it was so much more with endless potential for our school”
ICT Teacher, SEN school, Northern Ireland

Creating their own learning games

"One of the major benefits of WizeFloor is that teachers and pupils at our school can easily create their own learning games for each subject and level."
Pedagogical IT Counsellor, school, Denmark

An exciting upgrade

“WizeFloor is an exciting upgrade to our school which has improved motivation, concentration and collaboration among our children.”
Pedagogical IT Counsellor, school, Denmark

Concentration, joy and motivation

“I love to see the concentration, joy and motivation emerging from the children while using WizeFloor.”
Daycare professional, Denmark