Educational Benefits

WizeFloor has many features and benefits. First and foremost, the product stimulates interactivity, collaboration and bodily movement. Even preschool children can turn on the system and start playing the learning games and exercises. And with a little help from the adults, they are also able to co-create new games based on their everyday lives.

Personal and Social Benefits

On a personal level, WizeFloor contributes to self-knowledge. The children learn much about themselves while playing or working with the different applications. For instance, they learn how to deal with winning or losing in a game with other children.

The children also become aware of their preferred learning style. By playing the different games, they quickly acknowledge which kinds of games they like and consequently learn the most from. Furthermore, their ability to read aloud is increased, because they naturally read the questions, comments or assignments aloud – either together or individually.

GeometryOn the social level the children discover much about how they behave in a group. How they communicate with other children, and how they work together. They also deal with teamwork, taking turns and how they help one another and so forth. WizeFloor thus adds a social frame in which the children learn to behave accordingly – they gain knowledge of some of the most common social rules in society.

Finally, the adults have noticed that the children become more creative and learn how to think in many different ways while playing on WizeFloor. For example, they invent and agree on their own rules for the exercises and how to play them.

Customisation for Every Level and Subject

One of the major strengths of WizeFloor is its level of customisation possibilities that enable both adults and children to easily create their own games using the available applications in pretty much every aspect of the learning goals or curriculum.

MemoryAlmost all of the applications can be edited, and media such as text, images, sound and videos can be added. Time, score, randomisation and much more can also be edited to fit the target group. This makes it possible to create games and exercises for all ages and in every subject in the daycare centre or school.

This ability to customise also enables the children to create their own games and exercises for one another – as an individual or as a group.