Throughout the years, we have had many great experiences using WizeFloor on schools and daycare centres. In the following, you can read about some of the main takeaways.

Creating Games and Exercises

Schools have experimented with building various learning scenarios, in which smaller groups of pupils construct learning activities for younger pupils and thus conduct project-minded activities involving mixed age groups.

At one school, fifth graders produced games in the memory application aimed at pre-school pupils. The exercise was to combine small letters and capital letters and to combine photos and letters. Observations showed that the fifth graders were focused and engaged in searching for appropriate photos. Moreover, they discussed whether the games were too easy or difficult for the younger children.


A Joint Enterprise of Learning Experience

In another example, fifth graders acted as teachers where they guided pre-school pupils in creating learning games. The learning scenario was fairly structured and the content was pre-given. After having created the learning games, the fifth graders tested them on WizeFloor and mistakes and memory game combinations were corrected and discussed. In this manner, the children contribute to a joint enterprise of learning experience.

Our experience has shown that there is mutual commitment where both the older and younger pupils gain from this collaboration The creators undertake responsibility for making relevant content and for guiding the younger children when performing the games. The younger children are highly motivated by the fact that the older pupils have a guiding role.

Location of the System

WizeFloor is not a technology you put into every classroom. The most common placement is in a shared area, the school library, a science centre or a dedicated room. It is important that it is placed within reach of classrooms and the location of children. Otherwise it can easily be forgotten or be impractical to use in a busy everyday life.

Another thing to consider is the room decoration. Having bean bags, colors on the walls and some kind of enclosure around the floor can have a big impact on the value of the system.